Sunday, March 2, 2008

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Aloha everybody and welcome to my first post/card. Looks like I might ask for it right off the bat but I believe I must interject and make the very first card of this soon to be humongous blog a beauty! No offense to the now Card #2 but thought a name like Bob Shirley didn't deserve a first spot on this blog, lol.
(This is one of my favorite cards and well deserving of Spot #1)
Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Random Red No. 1
2005 Prime Patches M.L. Materials Number Patch
#MLM20 AARON BOONE (44/53)

I can post a card a day and talk about it. But where is the fun in seeing only Griffey and Dunn? How about a 1983 Topps Bob Shirley just to gaze at? So you can make your own story! Here it is:

Random Red No. 2
1983 Topps
112 Bob Shirley


Bay Rat North West said...

Tat Boone card is great! I need to post my Kearns Prime Patches cards.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Glad I kicked things off right and that you appreciate it! Sorry I strayed from your Dunn that I promised but as you had mentioned on the now card #2 "not that same Dunn and Griffeys" so I thought Boone works as a great runner up! I have a stack all set up for this weeks posts! Thanks again, this is a lot of fun!