Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Red for March 4 in the A.M.

For your viewing pleasure
As chosen by Yankee Douche Fan

1983 Topps
No. 101 Pete Rose
Super Veteran Subset

Direct Quote from Yankee Douche Fan: "Damn He's Ugly."
Maybe Y.D.F. But he was one of the best at everything he did. Who do the Yankees have that made the All-Star roster at 7 positions?


Brads55sRedsCards said...

Sweet card. Don't have many Pete Rose cards in my collection. Nice card! And he is a VERY UGLY DUDE!

Aloha, Brad

dayf said...

The problem with the Yankees is that they don't need a player that made the all star team at 7 positions, because they just go out and pay 7 bazillion dollars for 7 players who made the all star team at one position each.

Ol Pete does look like he got beat with a ugly stick one or twice, doesn't he... I shouldn't really say anything 'cause I'm an Otis Nixon fan.