Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Full Reds Team Set of

1981 Topps Coca-Cola
Reds Team Set

Header CardNo. 1 Johnny Bench
No. 2 Dave Collins
No. 3 Dave Concepcion
(But everyone knows it's Davey)

No. 4 Dan Driessen
No. 5 George Foster
No. 6 Ken Griffey (The Original)
No. 7 Tom Hume
No. 8 Ray Knight
No. 9 Ron Oester
No. 10 Tom Seaver
No. 11 Mario Soto
What do I like about these card? For starters I did not buy this set until 2006 for the first time. Even though the only difference between this set and the regular 1981 Topps set is the Coke logo on front and the card numbers I just never got it. I finally picked up an unopened cello team pack for under three dollars in June of 06. I am glad I did.
Second this set is a parallel of the set that got me started on collecting. Not the best overall design but still good.
Third. It's the Reds. Nuff said.


Dan said...

OMG! I've had the 1983 set for years! I always thought it was weird that Coke sponsored the set or whatever. Didn't really understand it.

Griffey Sr.'s card in your set it pretty bad ass.

Bay Rat North West said...

Griffey does look like he means business on that card. I like the Mario Soto the best. The Bench card looks weird without the All-Star banner on top to me.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

I too like (and possess) the Griffey. Also the Tom Seaver and the Nolan Ryan Coke versions. They're sweet side by side with their like counterparts!

Anonymous said...

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Kevin said...

I used this blog to research these Coke cards on my

Thanks for the scans to answer some questions.