Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't mess with a Red

in Rangers clothing.
Unless he is a manager.

Just look at this man.
The Bad Ass Buddy Bell.
1986 True Value Super Stars
Card No. 20

The man exudes what it's like to be a Red. The the "I dare you to throw a nasty curve" glare. The cocky look in his eyes. He is so bad ass he wears mesh hats. IN PUBLIC.

This card exudes the excess of 1980 "Collector's Series" cards. Rare? You betcha. The closest True Value store was 90 miles away growing up. I know because I worked in the town hardware store for 4 years. Do-It for those you know. Colorful? Yep. No team logo? Yes sir e Bob. Unnecessary add ons? Bats - Check. Balls - Check. Stars - Check. Collector Series - Check.
Admit it. You have 12 of these cards because you fell for the hype. I share your shame fellow collectors.


Brads55sRedsCards said...

I'll admit I don't have a one. Only Griffey on the Seattle American League Team, lol. Anyways, great card as well. I like the mesh hat cocky comment. That was good for a morning chuckle. Glad to have you back home. Aloha, Brad

dayf said...

I love the bright blue airbrushed hat on the Cincinnati Reds player. Ya think they could have just used the red paint instead of the blue when taking out the logo.

Then again, Buddy might have ended up with a purple hat as the very first member of the Colorado Rockies...