Thursday, January 31, 2008

And now

For Game 4 of the 1990 Baseball World Series

From Your Cincinnati Reds

Batting Lead Off

1991 Donruss
No. 471
Shortstop Barry Larkin

Barry was 4th in hits in the N.L. in 1990 with 185. Barry scored the tieing run in game 4 of the World Series.
The card shows him squaring off for a bunt against Mike Scott of the Astros. One of the teams who were behind the Reds for the whole season. The card front has the typical early 90's fashion of bright lines and speckly things. Not that I ever wore anything like that. Something I did not realize is that if you put two cards next to each other the name line and position line have no break on the right side and flow into the next cards picture.

How cool is that? I never noticed that until I started scanning them. If you know of any other sets that do this let me know.

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dayf said...

There's a few sets that do that. 88 Fleer comes to mind. If you hunt them down you can find cards where the colored stripes and stuff line up too. Cards like that were next to each other on the sheet before they were cut.