Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something I did

If anyone remembers the "Think you can outdo 2008 Topps Design" done on Baseball Card Blog I was the submitter of the Grill Stars Manny Ramirez and Indians Idolizers inserts. For some reason Ben Henry decided not to post the other regular card issues and I have a feeling he did the same for others. So send me yours and I will post as soon as I can. Don't expect miracles as I drive a truck for a living. It does not have to be a Topps design. Make a new Fleer. Make a new Upper Deck. Make a new Score. Make a new K-Mart if you want. Make something new!


Here are some designs I had in mind. These might be for a new issue like 2008 Topps Fan Design or some other set. I know Papyrus is not a font of choice, just limited in my choices. The two tone color scheme lets you know the team before you read it. The "Slugger" can be a change of pace from the norm. For someone like Ichiro you can have two or three cards - "Speedster", "Slapper", "Something in Japanese." Or for Brandon Webb "Fireballer" or "K Man".
Kind of like 1981 Donruss did with George Foster. Enjoy.

oljoe73 at gmail dot com

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