Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Mayorial Documentation

Here we have another 1999 SP Signature Edition Autograph card. This one is signed by The Mayor - Sean Casey. Mr. Casey is obviously fixing to run out a single he just slapped between the shortstop and 3rd baseman. Probably hit number 28 against Curtis Leskanic of the Rockies. That would be in Denver (great stadium if you ever make it out there) during a 4 for 4, 5 run, 6 RBI outing. A great day in Reds history!

This is a typical Sean Casey signature. A big S and squiggle. A large C and that's it. But it's a Reds player auto. And it matches well with the card layout. The ink matches the blue pixels in the background well. The overall design is crisp. I like it. This is a card that makes collecting autographed cards fun. It displays well and has a great photo.

1999 SP Signature seems to be an underrated autograph set in my opinion. Sure the cards are worth more for the larger stars. But to pick up a Casey auto for under four dollars with shipping is low. I found 7 cards at a card shop in Nebraska. The big name was Jeremy Giambi. Paid four dollars plus tax. Other cards I have found are a Harmon Killebrew for nine dollars total, Mike Piazza for fifteen! The most I have paid is sixty five for a Bonds. And I think that is a steal. I have gathered over the past 2 months over 40 cards from the set and I am still under $200. Find a 100+ card autograph insert set and try to do that.

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