Monday, January 28, 2008

No Relation to the Phillie Phanatic

No. None at all.

This is Gapper.

The ballpark mascot of the Cincinnati Reds National League Professional Baseball Club. A huge furry mascot. Red fur believe it or not. Gapper wears his Reds cap backwards. Just like Junior! He wears a Reds home jersey. Just like me! Although Gapper's midsection is a tad larger. He like to make kids cry. Just like me! According to the card back, Gapper grew up on a remote island of blue furry creatures who loved soccer. But Gapper loved baseball and fled to Cincinnati. The greatest baseball city in America! Good for him!
You cannot help but enjoy a card like this. Who does not want to pull a Gapper instead of an A. Rod parallel of Home Run No. 534?


Dan said...

Oh no! Gapper really got a card? Did Mr. Redlegs get one as well?

Steve Gierman said...

I stuck with a greenish yellow thing named Southpaw.


Bay Rat North West said...

No Mr. Red but there is a spaced out Homer from the Braves. Checkout white Sox cards link above. Poor Junkie must be terrified at each game.

Dan said...

Shoot, I would probably track down a Mr. Redlegs card if there was one. I know, goofy.

Thanks for the link to :) All of us at OMG love Cincy Reds Cards. Keep up the great work.