Sunday, January 20, 2008

Today I am Upset

I feel like the Mets just won the N.L. Championship Series.

Against the Reds.

In the Seventh Game.

Bottom of the Ninth.

Two outs.

Grand Slam by Pedro Martinez.

Then are swept by Tampa Bay in the World Series.

Going through cards to scan I came across this card:

2004 Leaf Certified Materials
No. 16 Austin Kearns
Mirror Red Autograph Parallel
Numbered 13 / 200

Not a bad card overall. An action photo on front of Austin slapping a double off of Glavine to drive in Griffey Jr. The design of the front is cool. Plenty of bling to shine in kids eyes to get them hooked on collecting. Two cards and I can make earrings for my special lady. As the card says Reds fans had optimism for Austin. Great makings as a hitter and proven fielder. But he is gone.
Here is what makes me (Cue Charlie Brown Do-Do-Doooo Music) sad.

Not sure what I am talking about? Here is a closer look.

The sticker is coming apart. It is flaking and breaking off. Why? This card has seen the light of only six or seven days. It's not as noticeable but it is breaking off just under the autograph. This has me dismayed. I have never cared if the autograph was on a card or sticker. It was an autograph. I have autographs on paper, balls, bats, helmets and jerseys. Who cares what it is on?

Now I do. There is no reason for this sticker to be breaking apart. Now I want to find another card to replace this one. Where? Looking closely at other stickers I have some things came to light. The ends are starting to pull up. Dust is collecting on edges of the clear stickers.

This is not happening on all stickers. There are stickers such as 2004 Skybox LE History of the Draft were the sticker is inside the card and not on the top. There are no problems with these stickers. No peeling. No dirt. No cracking. I would say it was just Leaf stickers but it is not. I found this on SP and other Upper Deck products. But not Topps products. I do not have as many Topps to compare with but those are holding up well.

So take a look at yours. Make sure down the road they are not breaking apart. I know I will be more careful in the future.

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dayf said...

Man, that sucks. I've seen fading on autos before but I've never seen the sticker peeling off. Weird