Friday, January 25, 2008

How did the Reds get so lucky?

That is a good question. While it seems every other team in 1990 Topps Baseball got hosed with garish designs, the Reds had a smooth and easy on the eyes border. No contrasting orange, red and teal. No hot pink and yellows. Simple blues and red with a little yellow added for variety. Cause that is the spice of life!

Todays card is:
1990 Topps
No. 46 Rob Dibble
The photo works well for the card.
Dibbs following through on a warm up pitch before he closes out another win. Those 100 MPH Fastballs and the snarl made many a batter wonder why they bothered. When a relief pitcher wins NLCS MVP honors like Rob did in 1990 you know he is "Nasty." The fluid motion his body is ending in. Notice the squared off shoulders, the balance and the pained, hungover expression from a night out with Charlie Sheen. The mullet just peeking out of the back of the hat. And for some reason a blue uniform instead of a gray one. Must be the heat of the pennant race and the astroturf. The action photo is simple. That seems to be Topps' style in 1990. No complaints here.

9 and 0 in '90
Never Forget!

And in case you were wondering:

2005 All-Time Fan Favorites (Cause he is)

Rob is a little older in this picture but still bringing the heat.

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Bart McClaughry said...

A lot of collector's don't like the 1990 Topps! They think they are ugly - I like their design and looks -great job on the Dibble Cards!