Monday, January 28, 2008

Run Freel! Run!

Well here we are. Monday. I hope no one has a bad case of the Monday's.
If you do here is a card to cheer you up:

2007 Upper Deck First Edition
No. 197 Ryan Freel

It appears Ryan has been driven in by Felipe Lopez on April 5th at home against the Cubs. Griffey coming to bat and giving him the congrats. The championship banners taunting the Cubs by Freel's arm. The lone fan celebrating by the Upper Deck Logo. This is a nice card. A great photo. Horizontal layout. Minimal borders. Small but noticeable name of Ryan Freel, Theft Machine. Notice the dirt on his Reds jersey from the head first slide into second on a double off of Rusch. The card feels good also. Heavier, no gloss cardboard. A little tougher than 1981 Topps but has the same rough feel. The back is smoother thanks to less ink. I hope Ryan's season is a good one. Not the best in the field but versatile. And nice when he gets on the base path.

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