Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yankee Douche Fan Says:

I have a friend we shall name Yankee Douche Fan. He is a good guy at heart. But if this says anything about his thought patterns his favorite teams are :

The New York American League Baseball Club

The Los Angeles Lakers

The Dallas Cowboys

Tiger Woods

Need I say more?

Y.D.F. had this to say about todays card:

2002 Fleer Genuine

Touch 'em All Insert

Game Used Base Relic
Serial Numbered 23/ 350

"Man. They coulda done better than that."

This coming from someone who never bought any cards as a kid. Someone who's only retort is "Yeah? Well your team sucks!" And I agree. With his statement about the card that is. The card is just plain. This is not what The Beach Boys had in mind when singing "Good Vibrations." It isn't even red. It's rosy. Not quite pink and not quite red. The piece of the base used is about a half inch. Junior looks like he is scared he might have to face Randy Johnson. The photo is small by card standards. It just does not make me feel good. As for the back. Well, have a look for yourself.
The image of the base is just as big as Ken Griffey Jr. What up wit' dat? The man deserves better than that. Maybe Fleer was mad Upper Deck had him as an exclusive. I do not know. There is even no mention about anything Griffey. Talk about a disappointing card.
Glad I only paid $1.50 for it.

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