Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Late Thank You

Thank you to the people at Topps

Thank you to the people at Donruss

On August 29, 2005 my life changed.

At about 10 AM I watched as white caps formed on the road in front of my mother's home. For those who do not know what white caps are it is a term used to describe the white foam on top of a wave as it crests and breaks. Why is this unusual? I was one mile from the shore and 28 feet above sea level. That is what it was like when Hurricane Katrina came through. In under 10 minutes it went from water on the road to 6 foot in the home. I managed to get the six people there to safety quickly and save some artwork but all else was lost. My mother was lucky.

My home of two weeks that I had wanted to buy for as long as I remember was washed away. Along with 25 years of collecting and a lifetime of mementos. All the Reds cards, photos, autos and stuff I had made a special room for (I was single) were gone. It was tough but you move on. About two weeks later various card companies had sent packages. Topps and Donruss had sent cases of baseball, football and basketball. I have scanned in some of the better pulls from the boxes I was able to crack open in the midst of the uncertainty.

2005 Topps

No. 645 Reds Team Card

The Greatest Professional Baseball Team

2005 Donruss

No.151 Barry Larkin

2005 Donruss
Power Alley Insert

Ken Griffey Jr.
Sereil Numbered 572 / 2500

2005 Topps Bazooka
4 - in -1 Sticker Insert
No. 3
Austin Kearns / J.D. Drew - A former Brave for certain blogger / Torii Hunter / Juan Pierre
How often do you have a card with 4 players all on other teams so soon?

2005 Topps Heritage
No. 57 Adam Dunn

2005 Finest
No. 95 Adam Dunn

Green X-Fractor 11 / 50

Home Run Dunn is watching the ball fly off of a Clemens mess up into the bleachers at Minute Maid Park. A fantastic ball park if you ever get the chance. And hot dogs are waaaaay less expensive that Turner Dogs.

2005 Topps Total
No. 53 Cin 5 Paul Wilson
Remember when this guy was on the Mets and was supposed to be the next Maddux? He did a good job with the Reds and was a good coah for the younger guys.

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings
No. 75 Danny Graves

Autograph 93 / 100
The autograph is well placed and the artwork is great! This is my favorite DK set. The card layout, the colors blend well and the portraits are the best of any set. The sticker is recessed in the card and not on the surface. I am beggining to like this way of doing it.

2005 Donruss Studio
No. 80 Bubba Nelson

Private Signings Autograph Silver 72 / 100

This was one of the best gifts someone like us collectors can receive in such circumstances. It was a very bright spot in my life at the time. The great feel of the packs in the hands and to hear the rip of the foil.

Notice the one company not mentioned (Fleer was bankrupt). They wrote a form letter to Matt that had in it "Sorry we cannot help with your project/charity" and "Good luck with your project/charity and remember us in your purcahsing future." I understand they cannot answer to everyone but that is cold. And I have never purchased another UD product new again. I am not saying never buy new Upper Deck, just letting you know why I do not.


dayf said...

Wow, amazing story. That was nice of Matt and great job by Topps and Donruss. No comment on that other company.

I think Bubba Nelson signed that auto right after his DUI though.

Bart McClaughry said...

That a Great Story!!Yes argee,that was nice of Matt and a great job by Topps and Donruss.

Wax Heaven said...

Man, how devastating it must have been, on so many different levels. What's the most valuable card that you lost?

Bay Rat North West said...

Emotionally it was my 1981 Topps Johnny Bench. That was the first card I ever saw opening my first pack as a kid. Financially it was a set. I lost the entire refractor game used sets from 2003 Bazooka. It took a little over a year to track down all 75 cards numbered to 25 at an avg of 15 dollars each. I had built a display for them of oak w/ red velvet lining and uv protecting glass. I found it but all the cards were waterlogged and had dirt and wood embedded in them. Those are the ones that stand out but I lost far more valuable cards from pre-war sets and 1/1's of the Reds.

jinaz said...

Just wanted to echo the others--amazing story. Thanks for sharing. My sympathies...and congratulations, for that matter. I can't fathom what it must have been like to go through something like that. -j

tm87 said...

The Infamous Tatiana here. Man, what an amazing story. That must sound like a broken record....
As devastating as losing your collection may have been, I hope you realize how lucky you are that is all you lost. I am glad you and your family were safe after Katrina.
It is absolutely horrible of Upper Deck to not have sent out ANYTHING, but I like how they were kind enough to remind your friend to purchase from them. What poopie heads. >:(
I have earned some new respect for Topps and Donruss(even though they aren't really around anymore). Upper Deck disgusts me, which is a shame because I really like their product. I hope the person that wrote the letter dies a slow and painful death. A little sadistic, yes.... but it's what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I live in gulfport, ms. Im very sorry you lost everything, I dont know what I would have done. Might have quit collecting. Thats awesome that you received some cards to start up your collecting again. I love going to gulf coast cards and Matt is very nice.

Brandon L.