Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Enough Diamond King Parallels

So I present to you 2004 Diamond Kings No. 78 Ryan Wagner. Signature Framed Bronze. Which is a parallel of Signature Bronze. Serial numbered 14/25. The card has a very well done illustration by Dave Kramer. The front has a raised border and bronze foil over the front.The sticker is inside the card and not placed on the front which is something I am not sure why they did. Looks nice compared to most sticker autos. But Ryan has one of those modern quick signatures. The large R then a line. A large W and a large T? Not sure were the T comes into play but it's not my name. Ryan is one of those fireballers that just could not make the transition from Triple A to the majors. He wanted a non fat green tea latte instead of a cup of coffee from the Reds. Expectations were high in 2003 when he had that sub 2 E.RA. But then came the 4.70 and 6.18 over the next two full seasons. Not good for a middle reliever.

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