Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Week's Closer

Danny Graves
Relief Pitcher

The only Major League Baseball player born in Saigon, South Vietnam.

Danny was one of those players you root for. Not because you know anything about him. In fact it was because the only thing I knew about him was he was one of the best the Reds had for a few years in relief. He was not flashy. Come in. Get 3 outs. Go back to the bullpen for the next game. But he had some good stuff. His slider truly slid. The curve would bend and his fastball would sometimes break. Danny never really put up great numbers but he did his job for the most part. You were never quite sure if he would get the save and always sure after he did. His best year (2004) was good, great, good. Slow start. 14 saves and one win in April. All-Star selection. 14 saves the rest of the season. Good enough to hold onto the job until Spring Training.

Today's Reds Card Review is of a 2005 Donruss Classics.
Signifigant Signatures
Silver Parallel No. 167
Serial Numbered 28 / 50

This is not a bad sticker autograph card. The sticker does not take away from the overall design and the silver background blends with the foil. The font is a favorite of mine. I believe it is ITC Anna for the Sig. Sigs on the bottom. and Broadway for the names. The design of the card has an art deco feel to it with the lines and spacing. The photo shows Danny Graves throwing in a save against the Rangers in June. That slider comin atcha Teixeira! For a popout.

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dayf said...

I saw Danny Graves in the minors in a game against the Nashville Sounds. He didn't actually pitch, he just hung out next to the stands and BSed with fans and signed autographs for some kids. That was actually cooler than if I saw him pitch.