Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something Steve did

Two posts ago I asked everyone to send in their ideas for new card designs. Not just for 2008 Topps. But if you wanted to redo 1982 K-Mart feel free. Heck, I would be interested to see a new Toys R Us Rookies.

Today from White Sox Cards his take on 2008 Topps.

From the keystrokes
of Steve himself:

"It is something fun, classic and a head scratcher. What exactly is Mark Buehrle doing holding a clock in the middle of U.S. Cellular Field?"

Simple Steve.
As you can see by the sign over his shoulder
"It's Miller Time!"

As for my opinion.

Nice job! You're Hired!

1 comment:

Steve Gierman said...

Never thought of that, but you're probably right! LOL

Thanks for the posting and the great old Miller Lite commercial. I haven't seen that in years.