Friday, January 25, 2008

Where Have You Gone Joe Promo?

Remember way back in Two Thousand Aught Two when you looked forward to the new issues of Tuff Stuff and Beckett coming out? You made sure you were there within a day of the release because you wanted to see what cards they had inserted in the magazines as promos for upcoming releases. What card would you get? An Andruw Jones Donruss? A Cal Ripken Fleer? A Nick Johnson Upper Deck? A Jose Canseco Topps? And if you were not there within 48 hours of release you only saw a magazine with a ripped open plastic bag or an empty subscription card insert because someone beat you and took out the Clemens card before you got there. That aggravated me to no end.
Well the other day I found this little gem.

2005 MLB Artifacts
No. 54 Ken Griffey, Jr.

I found one of those cards you rarely, if ever, see in a lifetime. How many others have you seen from this 2005 Tuff Stuff insert. I remember hoping to get this card when they were inserted but got a Jeff Bagwell instead. I found this sitting on top of a mix baseball Team set bag in the one dollar trash can (an actual 32 Gallon plastic trash can) at the local shop. The owner says it must have been stirred to the top by a kid because he did not remember it. So for $1.07 I picked up a rare card, a 1992 Fleer Biggio and some other mixed in cards I have no interest in. Ten total. This is one card I am definitely going to send to PSA. After two years of being shuffled around it still has no edge wear, sharp corners. Deep, rich color and no flaking of foil. The card design has always been well received by me. The photos pop out. The background gives it an aged look. The large letters of the player's name in the background are something I like. The colors go well together. This card flows well. If any of you out there have any other promos you would like to share or Reds promos to trade. Speak up and let me know. We can put em up and brag to the world.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, those promo cards were cool. Nice little benefits of picking up a price guide. I remember getting a Carmelo Anthony card in a Tuff Stuff mag. Even though I'm not really a pro basketball fan, I thought it was cool. Way back when, there was another price guide (an oversized magazine if I remember correctly,) that was trying to make inroads into the collecting game. It had Wayne Gretzky on the cover and inside there were three cards of Wayne. They should bring these promo cards back.