Sunday, January 27, 2008

Completion of a trade

Way back in the early days of two thousand aught eight I was happy to send a card to Joey at he needed for his Ivan Rodriguez collection. On Friday evening I was welcomed home by a bubble mailer from Texas. Inside were enough cards to light up my face with a big ol' smile. Texas big. Joey sent to me:

2007 Ultra Swing Kings insert SK-AD Adam Dunn
This is my favorite card of the bunch. The front is well paned and laid out. Plenty of artsy stuff. The back has a great little blurb on Dunn. Not just stats. I knew Dunn was had 11 inches in height on me. I just did not know he had 100 lbs on me. That may be why he is on the Reds and I am not. Just sayin.

1982 Donruss Pride of the Reds
Johnny Bench and Tom Seaver. Two of the all-time greats on one card.

1982 Fleer No. 57 - Johnny Bench
Here Johnny is letting everyone know he is the No. 1 catcher of all-time.

1982 Topps No. 401 - Johnny Bench In Action
Bench is getting ready to slap another dinger it looks like.

2003 Leaf passing Through Time insert - Ken Griffey Jr.
First time I have seen this card and I like it. Check out the back.

2003 Bowman Heritage
No. 258 Knothole Gang Ryan Wagner

Ryan must see his days are numbered with the Reds. Hence the sad face.

And six cards from 1999 Flair Showcase. A nice looking set I did not collect the first time around and will for sure finish now.
Greg Vaughn Row 3 seat 59 Showdown

Greg Vaughn Row 2 Seat 59 Showpiece

Greg Vaughn Row 1 Seat 59
Numbered 1,175 of 3,000 Showtime

Barry Larkin Row 3 Seat74 Showdown

Barry Larkin Row 2 Seat 74 Showpiece

Denny Neagle Row 3 Seat 105 Showpiece

That is it for now. I hope you look forward to trading in the future after seeing the possibilities out there.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked the cards. I had to dig pretty hard to find Reds cards in my collection for some reason.