Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Parallel is This?

Today we have a card from the Parallel King of baseball card companies. In 2005 Donruss produced Leaf Certified Materials. Not satisfied with 5 parallels per base card they upped the ante in this release with a base card and way too many parallels.

Mirror White Base, Auto, Fabric, Bat.

Mirror Red Base, Auto, Fabric, Bat, Fabric/Bat Dual.
Mirror Gold Base, Auto, Fabric, Bat.
Mirror Black Base, Auto, Fabric, Bat.
Mirror Blue Base Auto, Fabric, Bat

All of the cards have the same design and picture, just a different background color. Well today I present to you:
2005 Leaf Certified Materials
No. 12 Austin Kearns
Mirror Black Parallel Autograph

That's right! The only one made. I was lucky enough to win this card on ebay for $17 and shipping. I was glad to get it because it was the last card I needed from the autograph version to have one from each Mirror set. This is not a great card to scan but a nice card to see. The reflective surface holds up well and the design is not cluttered. For some reason I like when cards use lines and geometric shapes that blend well. Austin has a small signature overall and fits well on cards or stickers. The photo of Austin looks to be him getting ready to pounce on a line to right off the bat of Chipper. That was a sure out. Only right fielder better in the field is that Frenchy guy on the Braves. The cardboard junkie will be able to say more on that as I refuse to.

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dayf said...

Actually Kearns is watching Chipper's ball go over the right field wall. You got it right on Frenchy though :)